It is extremely important to select the right service provider to translate your legal documents. Even the smallest error can have serious consequences. In 2006, a misplaced comma in a contract cost a Canadian company over two million dollars. If only they had come to DBF Communicatie!

Understandably, our clients demand an assurance that a legal translation is correct in every respect. We can offer that assurance. DBF Communicatie has an extensive network of legal translators, working in all European languages. Each is a true specialist, with an in-depth knowledge of the legal system concerned and the ability to work with the highest degree of accuracy. It is difficult to imagine a better guarantee of the quality of a legal translation, whether a contract of employment, general terms and conditions, company statutes, a will or a title deed. 

We are also able to provide translations of personal documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, school diplomas, residence permits, etc. If necessary we can provide a 'sworn' translation and/or arrange for the translation to be legalized by the relevant authorities. 

It is hardly surprising that we have long been the 'preferred supplier' for many extremely discerning customers, including notaries, lawyers, financial institutions, multinationals and major insurance companies.  

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