It is hard to imagine a more general term: what exactly is a 'technical translation'? An article about overhead camshafts? Yes, of course. But a sales brochure extolling the virtues of double-overlapping clay roof tiles would also fit into this category, as would a detailed description of a water treatment plant, the user's manual for a food processor, a sun bed or a franking machine... or the planning application for a wind turbine. 

Our specialist translators have an affinity with all things 'technical', combined with extensive knowledge and experience in one or more specific areas of technology. Even so, it is not always possible to find a translator who is well-versed in a particular discipline and can offer the required language combination. So that's a problem, right? Of course not. By drawing on all the available resources (including illustrations, terminology lists, the professional literature, information provided by the client and our own databases), we can produce high-quality technical translations which use exactly – and only – the correct terminology. Your overseas customers will then be able to read all about your double-overlapping roof tiles (as they prepare to raggle the brickwork prior to inserting reglets to support the coping and saddle flashing...) 

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