About us

After the three founders of the company had each gained some ten years’ experience in the translation industry, they decided in 1998 that it was time to set out on their own. The name ‘DBF Communicatie’ was chosen because the services offered initially included not just translation, but also copywriting, document formatting, printing support, etc. And because this name was widely recognized after a few years, there was no reason to change it when it was decided that DBF Communicatie would focus exclusively on providing high-quality translation services.

Having initially worked in a rented office building, the increase in the number of in-house employees prompted the decision in 2005 to purchase our current office on Ondernemingsweg in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands.

DBF Communicatie provides high-quality translations in virtually every language combination to its many loyal clients. In the almost twenty years since the company’s founding in 1998, we have gained a wealth of experience in the legal, financial, economic, technical and virtually every other field.

Quite soon after our founding, it became clear that our approach and the quality of our services were particularly well-received and appreciated by clients in the medical and pharmaceutical fields. For that reason, we decided to create a separate unit for this type of work: DBF Medical Translations. This unit has a dedicated translation manager, a dedicated account manager for customer relations management, its own documentation and website, and a network of highly qualified in-house and freelance translators. DBF Medical Translations now prides itself in meeting the translation needs of more than 100 clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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