Do you need an EMA update in all official EU languages, including Icelandic and Maltese? Or a ‘back‑translation’? DBF Medical Translations will be happy to oblige. For all our translations we carefully follow the applicable European guidelines and the most recent templates of the European Medicines Agency.

Online content, marketing texts, brochures and articles on medical and pharmaceutical subjects are also part of our extensive package of services, as well as correspondence from ethics committees and surgery reports.

DBF Medical Translations is also the ideal choice for more ‘technical’ medical translations, such as a product description for an MRI scanner or the programming manual for a pacemaker. 

We are regularly called upon to translate government publications covering all aspects of healthcare and health policy. Although such documents are indeed medical in nature, some also require the input of a legal translator. We regularly translate speeches for members of government, which demands yet another form of expertise.

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