We translate a broad range of medical-pharmaceutical information, including:

  • Documents for clinical studies (Patient Information and Informed Consent Forms, protocol synopses, questionnaires, etc.)
  • SmPCs, PILs, packaging texts, labels
  • Instruction manuals for medical equipment
  • Brochures about medical devices

In addition to SmPCs, PILs and various materials for patients, doctors and nurses, DBF Medical Translations is also the ideal choice for more ‘technical’ medical translations, such as a product description for an MRI scanner or the programming manual for a pacemaker. 

We are regularly called upon to translate government publications covering all aspects of healthcare and health policy. Although such documents are indeed medical in nature, some also require the input of a legal translator; one example is our translation of the Dutch Health Insurance Act. We regularly translate speeches for members of government, which demands yet another form of expertise. But here too, DBF Medical Translations is able to offer the very highest level of quality and service.

Editing and correction

Perhaps you have written your own copy, in Dutch, English or another language. Our editors can check the spelling and grammar, dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's. If you like, they can also examine other aspects of your text. Does it speak to your target group? Is the tone appropriate to your company image? Is the terminology correct and is it used consistently? In short, does it do the job intended? Our editors will carefully scrutinize your text and suggest any required modifications. 


DBF Medical Translations has extensive experience in providing interpretation services (both consecutive and simultaneous) in all major language combinations. We can also supply the specialist equipment required, such as soundproof booths, infra-red relays, headsets, microphones, etc. 

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