Working method

A project manager is assigned to every project. This is important for translation into just one language, but it is absolutely crucial if the text is to be translated into several different languages (sometimes twenty or more!). 

The translation process

To ensure an efficient translation process that results in high-quality translations, we follow a procedure consisting of the following steps:

  • Preparation – Our project manager carefully examines the text to determine its complexity, target readership and any specific requirements. We can then inform the client exactly how long the translation will take, and can provide a fully specified quotation if required.
  • Translating, editing, proofreading – All translation and editing work is undertaken by experienced medical translators who will use advanced software tools where appropriate.
  • Quality control – The finished translation is carefully checked by a second translator to ensure it meets the very highest standards of quality.
  • Evaluation and feedback – A few minutes spent evaluating the translation and providing feedback could save hours – or even days – of work next time. Your preferred terminology will be entered into a database for future reference.

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