DBF Communicatie works exclusively with professional native speakers, all of whom have many years' experience in one or more specific areas of expertise. This applies equally to our own 'in house' staff and to the freelance translators whose services we engage to meet the demand for specific language combinations. We are therefore able to provide high-quality translations in all major language combinations and in practically every discipline imaginable. 

Editing and correction 

Perhaps you have written your own copy, in Dutch, English or another language. Our editors can check the spelling and grammar, dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's. If you like, they can also examine other aspects of your text. Does it speak to your target group? Is the tone appropriate to your company image? Is the terminology correct and is it used consistently? In short, does it do the job intended? Our editors will carefully scrutinize your text and suggest any required modifications. 


DBF Communicatie has extensive experience in providing interpretation services (both consecutive and simultaneous) in all major language combinations. We can also supply the specialist equipment required, such as soundproof booths, infra-red relays, headsets, microphones, etc. 



Certification in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard means working on the basis of strictly defined and verifiable procedures and guidelines. The primary aim of the ISO 17100:2015 standard is safeguarding translation quality. It lays down specific requirements for the entire process from quotation to invoicing, as well as for translator qualifications. Certification in accordance with this standard demonstrates that we deploy a controlled process for our services. For you the client, this provides a further guarantee that your translation work is in good hands and will be undertaken with the greatest possible care.

If desired, all translations can be accompanied by a certificate which vouches for the quality of the delivered product. 

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